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Crystal Creek Christian Campground

Rules and Regulations


Crystal Creek Christian Campground is committed to the enjoyable stay of our guests.  The following Rules and Regulations are designed to promote good camping, and a safe and enjoyable stay.  Your cooperation with your neighbor and management will be greatly appreciated.  Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.  Be considerate and remember that any violation of these rules and guidelines may result in removal from the Crystal Creek Campground.


No alcoholic beverages, tobacco use of any kind, illegal drugs, firearms, explosives, bows arrows, chainsaws, fireworks, or loud radios.  Other items deemed dangerous to guests or staff are strictly prohibited and may be confiscated.  Offensive signs, intoxication or profanity harmful to our family-centered grounds will not be tolerated.


  1. Check out time - 12:00 noon

  2. Speed limit - 5 mph all motorized vehicles and carts

  3. Quiet time - Quiet time is observed from 10 pm to 7 am.  Youth & Children under 18 years of age must be back at designated campsite by 10 pm.  Loud Noise after quiet time is not acceptable, and can result in discharge from the campgrounds.

  4. Visitors – All guests and Day pass visitors must leave the campground by 9:00 pm.

  5. Children - Parents are responsible for the care and safety of their children.  Children under 12 years of age must be directly supervised by a responsible adult at all times. 

  6. Camping groups - Groups must be supervised by an adult.  Minors under 18 must have an adult present when using campsites or other camp buildings.  All supervisors must be approved by camp officials.  

  7. Campsites - Each campsite is limited to one recreational unit, and one tent, and is not to be occupied by more than 6 persons.  No clotheslines or ropes allowed, other than those directly attached to camper.  No lines to be tied to trees, poles, or picnic tables. 

  8. Camping Equipment  - camper vehicles, bikes, Golf Cart and other equipment must be parked neatly within confines of your assigned lot. 

  9. Tents  - Campsites shall be occupied by not more than one recreational unit, two tents and six persons of the same immediate family. 

  10. Camp Fires - Fires shall be tended at all times.  Ground fires are permitted only in designated/existing fire pits.  Ground fires must be controlled by a metal ring border and are limited to small campfire.

  11. Firewood  - Firewood is available for a small fee. No outside firewood allowed.  

  12. Extended stay camper guest  - Structures such as decks, sheds, porches, etc. cannot be constructed without approval of the camp officials.  RV’ers and campers are responsible for RV lot maintenance that enhances the overall appeal of the Park. 

  13. Swimming  -  Modest bathing attire is required.  Persons wearing two-piece suits (except for children under 10 years of age) or revealing one-piece suits will be asked to wear some type of cover-up.  No Speedo-style or bikini-style swimsuits for males. 

  14. NO Lifeguards on duty - Our swimming area is not routinely staffed with lifeguard personnel, and notices are posted.  Swim at your own risk, and parents/guardians are responsible for their children’s safety while swimming.

  15. Pets are welcome  -  Only non aggressive pets will be allowed. Dogs must be on leash at all times (10 ft. maximum).  Pets must not annoy or constitute a danger to other guests.  Owners must clean up after their pets.  Dogs are not to be left outside unattended or inside your unit if they create a nuisance to other guests.  Pets are not allowed in buildings, swimming pond or playground area.  (Certain breeds of dogs may not be allowed in the campground due to their aggressive nature.)

  16. Bathhouse/Restrooms  - Be a friend and help keep the restrooms and bathhouses clean.  Bathhouses, showers and restrooms are provided for your convenience.  Please be good campers and keep our facilities clean and tidy.  Do not wash dishes or pots and pans inside the restrooms. 

  17. Dress/ Apparel  -  Modest standard of dress is required for all.  Men shall wear shirts at all times, except while swimming.    

  18. Golf Carts and ATV Rules  -  Rules for Golf Carts and ATV's in the park are for the safety of the riders and the other campers in the park. All Golf Carts and ATV’s must be registered at the camp office upon arrival.  No ATV use is permitted within the developed RV campground.  The ATV may only be driven in and out of the RV campground to access designated ATV trails. ATV's and Golf Carts are restricted to 5 mile an hour speed limit at all times on roads and the developed RV area.  ATV’s are limited to a driver only.  Helmets are recommended and must be worn at all times by those 18 years and under.   ATV's will not be allowed to be operated from 9:00 PM to 9:00 AM.  Respecting these rules will keep Crystal Creek Christian Campground a Golf Cart an ATV Camper Friendly campground.

Thank You for Choosing

Crystal Creek Christian Campground


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